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A Working Republic is a source of progressive opinions about the source of divisions in American Politics. It is a rational alternative to divisive politics and while we do not expect every reader will agree with our opinions, we welcome rational discussion concerning the content of any given post. What we will not tolerate is abusive language including threats, finger-pointing, or hate speech. To assure compliance with this simple request, we moderate every comment made. We reserve the right to not publish a comment that fails to meet the conditions for rational commentary. Ongoing discussions are welcome, even conversations between commenters.

We aim to get our facts checked, and our opinions inspected for deception or propaganda. Such care is important if one is to engage in an ethical and productive commentary. Our posts represent a starting point for a broader discussion.

You are welcome to engage us and our readers with contrary opinions, but if you do, be sure to check that what you are writing is also fact-checked. Broad, sweeping claims that have no relationship to TRUTH undermine any chance for a reasoned discussion so please, when engaging with us, do not rely on false claims, misinformation, or straight-up lies to make your point. Not only will the comment not see the light of day, but you will be blocked from any further participation in our discussions.

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