reelection consequences


reelection consequences

Reelection consequences are the subject of a Washington Post article published on November 5, 2023, revealing disturbing plans by former President Donald Trump and his allies for a potential second term in office.. This article delves into the consequences for the United States if such a petty narcissist were to be reelected. In this post, I summarize the claims made by the Washington Post. I discuss the egregious nature of the possibilities that face us as a nation. Above is a link to the article in question. Read it for yourself. It predicts some of the most disturbing possibilities for a second Trump term in office.

I present this piece as a question that every voter in the United States must answer for him or herself. I submit that if you are familiar with the Constitution of the United States, you will find the scenario presented in the WAPO extremely dangerous, a threat to our most sacred values as a nation while presenting a pathway for the United States to become a fascist dictatorship under the control of a malignant narcissist. While that is my opinion, I am hopeful that the American voter will see through the terror and vote accordingly.

Reelection Consequences: A Vindictive Agenda

The article exposes Trump’s desire to use the federal government to exact revenge on critics and opponents. The individuals he aims to investigate and prosecute those who have criticized his time in office. The lucky individuals include his former attorney Ty Cobb, and former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Mark Milley. Trump’s intent to go after those who have turned on him demonstrates a disregard for political dissent. Descent is a cornerstone of democracy.

Threats to Democracy: Reelection Consequences

The proposed steps to terminate the policy separating politics from law enforcement are the stuff of dictators. Plans to deploy the military domestically raise concerns about the erosion of democratic norms. The potential invocation of the Insurrection Act illustrates a willingness to use military force against civil demonstrations. This move would undermine the principles of peaceful protest and freedom of expression.

Reelection Consequences: Violation of Equal Protection

Trump’s fixation on prosecuting political enemies is likely unconstitutional. The involvement of loyalists in key positions will undermine the principle of equal protection under the law. Bill Barr’s claim that Trump is “a petty individual who puts his interests ahead of the nation.” Barr underscores the potential for personal vendettas to drive prosecutions.

Reelection Consequences: Unqualified Choices

The involvement of individuals like Jeffrey Clark, who faces legal issues related to the 2020 election raises red flags. As Trump thinks about shaping plans for a second term raises concerns about the competency of a potential Trump administration. Relying on the loyalty of people like Clark is a huge red flag. Indicted in Georgia for interfering in the 2020 election, Clark allegedly pressured superiors to investigate nonexistent election crimes. He also encouraged the submission of phony certificates to the electoral college demonstrating a willingness to manipulate the democratic process.

Concentrating Power in the Executive: Reelection Consequences

Plans for a second term emphasize concentrating more power in the West Wing and selecting appointees who will unquestioningly execute Trump’s demands. This approach could undermine the system of checks and balances by concentrating power in the executive branch, jeopardizing the separation of powers crucial to a functioning democracy.

The Consequences Reelecting a leader with a vindictive agenda, disregard for democratic norms, and a penchant for concentrating power poses severe consequences for the nation. It could lead to a further erosion of trust in government, divisive policies, and a weakened system of checks and balances. The consequences of such a second term could be detrimental to the democratic principles upon which the United States was founded.


The article’s revelations about Trump’s plans for a potential second term should raise concerns about the suitability of such a leader to hold the highest office in the land. The additional examples provided illustrate the possible consequences that could undermine the principles of democracy and governance in the United States if Trump were to be reelected.

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