World's Double Standard

World’s Double Standard: International Diplomacy and Antisemitism

World's Double Standard

The world’s double standard toward Israel is manifest in the International response to the war in Gaza between Hamas, the instigators of senseless violence against Israel, and the Israeli response to the existential threat Hamas represents to the survival of the Jewish state. How does the world leap from the senseless slaughter of innocent civilians at a music festival or home in a kibbutz, to Israeli aggression? Does the international response toward Israel represent a general response to terrorist-supported violence or is such a response reserved only for Israel?

Selective Outrage

The international community’s selective outrage when it comes to Israel is evident. The world demands an exceptional level of restraint from Israel in responding to security threats, often placing it in a nearly impossible situation. This disparity in expectations becomes particularly conspicuous as compared to how the international community treats other nations in similar circumstances.

Antisemitism’s Shadow: World’s Double Standard

The world’s history, marred by the shame of antisemitism and deeply rooted in Christian folklore manifests in various forms over centuries. The atrocities of the Holocaust remain a stark reminder of the worldwide persistence of antisemitic views, ignoring them is unthinkable. It’s essential to acknowledge that this deep-seated bias can influence the global response to Israel’s actions.

Historical Precedents and the World’s Double Standard

World’s Double Standard: The Holocaust

The Holocaust, one of the darkest chapters in human history, witnessed the genocide of six million Jews by the Nazis. Shockingly, the world largely remained indifferent to the plight of the Jewish people during this horrific period. The question arises: why didn’t the world demand an end to the mass murder of Jews with the same urgency that it does with Israel today?

Soviet Atrocities

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union, led by Joseph Stalin, committed numerous atrocities, including mass executions of its citizens. While there may have been some diplomatic efforts behind the scenes. Yet, there was no widespread global outcry demanding an end to these horrors.

War Crimes by U.S. Soldiers

At various points in history, American soldiers’ involvement in actions understood as war crimes. Yet, the reaction was significantly milder than the outcry against Israel in similar situations. In fact, with only a few instances of show trials of soldiers did the US acknowledge these crimes? Where was international outrage during the Vietnam Afghan, and Iraqi wars? This demonstrates the inconsistency in international reactions.

World’s Double Standard: Understanding the Bias

World’s Double Standard: Antisemitism

The historical indifference to the suffering of Jews during the Holocaust and the present-day pressure on Israel to act with superhuman restraint in the face of terrorist attacks raise questions about whether antisemitism plays a role. The stark contrast between how the world treats Israel and how it has treated other nations in the past is difficult to explain without acknowledging this underlying bias.

Israel’s Unique Position: World’s Double Standard

Israel faces a unique predicament. It is the only nation in the world that has openly declared its intention to destroy another sovereign state. Hamas, the ruling authority in Gaza, is explicit in its charter about its goal to annihilate Israel. This makes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict distinct from other international disputes and necessitates a different approach.

Challenges of Negotiation: World’s Double Standard

Hamas’s Stated Goals: World’s Double Standard

Negotiating with Hamas, an organization that seeks the elimination of Israel, presents a formidable challenge. The idea of reaching a peaceful resolution with a group that denies Israel’s right to exist and actively works towards its destruction is inherently problematic.

Role of International Community: World’s Double Standard

The international community’s approach to negotiations must also be examined. Is it reasonable to pressure Israel into cease-fires that allow Hamas to regroup, rearm, and plan further attacks while Israel is expected to unilaterally refrain from necessary military actions?

World’s Double Standard: Israel’s Distinctive Challenges

Existential Threat

Unlike most other nations, Israel faces a continuous existential threat. Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran openly declare their intent to destroy Israel. The presence of such a pronounced existential threat should, in theory, justify a more robust self-defense response. However, Israel’s actions are often scrutinized disproportionately.

World’s Double Standard: Terrorism vs. Conventional Warfare

Another unique aspect is the challenge of differentiating between a traditional war between nations and a conflict involving a terrorist organization. While international laws and norms for state-to-state conflicts exist, the gray area surrounding non-state actors like Hamas complicates the situation.

World’s Double Standard: Complexity of Negotiation

Hamas’s Unyielding Stance

The fundamental issue with negotiations lies in Hamas’s unwavering commitment to the destruction of Israel. This uncompromising position makes meaningful dialogue incredibly challenging. How can you negotiate with a group that refuses to recognize your right to exist?

Role of Mediation

The role of international mediators is essential. They must recognize the unique challenges that Israel faces in its quest for peace. Pressuring Israel into cease-fires that grant Hamas time to regroup and plan further attacks is neither fair nor conducive to genuine peace efforts.

But Mediation Requires Willing Parties

The question of mediation, however, requires parties willing and able to negotiate in good faith. When one party insists that the only solution is to eliminate the Jews, drive them into the sea, and establish an Islamic state from the River to the Sea, is mediation a meaningful road to follow? I suggest that it is not.

One is reminded of the story of the snake that offers a squirrel a ride across a swollen river. The squirrel objects, “If I go with you you’ll just bite me and I’ll die.” The snake counters, “No, if I bit you then I too would die from drowning in the river.” The squirrel thinks about it for a moment and takes the snake’s offer of a ride. Halfway across the river, the snake bites the squirl in the neck. “What,” yells the squirrel, “You promised not to bite me.” The snake replies, “But, you see, I am a snake. It is my nature.” How is Hamas different from the snake in this tale?

The Way Forward: World’s Double Standard

The way forward for Israel is to continue to pursue Hamas with all the weapons available to them. If Hamas terrorists choose to hide behind “innocent” civilians, then the Hamas heroes are the Palestinians that shield them from danger. The rest of the world be damned, Israel is fighting for its very existence against an intractable enemy whose organizing principle is to kill Jews. The only way forward for Israel is to prosecute the war with a terrorist group until Hamas is either willing to surrender or is wiped from the face of the earth for their arrogance.


While constructive criticism and calls for peace are essential, it is crucial to recognize that the current international approach often falls short of treating Israel fairly. Israel, like any other nation, deserves to be judged consistently, free from double standards, and without the shadow of antisemitism.

The world’s double standard towards Israel is, however, a multifaceted issue, influenced by historical biases and the distinctive nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To achieve a just and lasting peace, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges Israel faces and work towards a more equitable approach. This will not only benefit the region but also contribute to the broader goal of reducing bias and promoting fairness in international affairs.

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